Evolutions of Microstructure for Multilayered Al-Mg Alloy Composites by Accumulation Roll Bonding (ARB) Process


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In this paper, accumulative roll bonding (ARB) has been used to prepare the Al/Mg alloy multilayer structure composite materials with 1060Al sheet and MB2 sheet. The evolution of microstructure of the cladding materials during ARB processes was observed by optical microscope, scanning electron microscopy, and micro-hardness was measured by micro-hardness tester. The results show that a multilayer structure material of Al/Mg alloy with excellent bonding characteristics and fine grained microstructure was prepared by ARB processes. With the ARB cycles increasing, Mg alloy layer in multilayer composite material was necked and fractured, and the hardness of the Al and Mg alloy was increased. Average grain size was less than 1μm after ARB4 cycles.



Edited by:

Jianhua Wang, Changfu Zhang, Xiaoli Jin and Jinlong Zou




B. Zhang et al., "Evolutions of Microstructure for Multilayered Al-Mg Alloy Composites by Accumulation Roll Bonding (ARB) Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 411, pp. 527-531, 2012

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November 2011




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