Bismuth Ferrite Nanopowders Prepared by Sol-Gel


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BiFeO3 powders were prepared by sol-gel process and calcined at different temperatures. The DTA curve shows an obvious exothermic peak near 480.5°C, the temperature close to BiFeO3 formation temperature, which is agreement with the XRD results (450°C). After calcining at 600°C for 1h, XRD spectra has the emergence of several sharp diffraction peaks, compared with the standard XRD spectrum of the crystal BiFeO3. As the calcining temperature increased, the diffraction peak intensity of the XRD spectra of BiFeO3 gradually increased and the diffraction peaks became sharply, indicating that the grain size gradually became larger. There is a clear endothermic peak near 825.1°C, which is the α phase to β phase transition from the knowledge of the phase diagram and in good agreement with the reported Curie temperature.



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Cheng Zhang and Jin Hu




C. L. Fu et al., "Bismuth Ferrite Nanopowders Prepared by Sol-Gel", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 412, pp. 142-145, 2012

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November 2011




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