A Circuit Milling System with Pixel Based Algorithms


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This paper presents a circuit milling system, which integrates CAM functions and gives a good performance for flexibility and changeability. Gerber format files are described and read into some data structures that support centerline shape representation. The pixel based algorithms are used to get contours, get contour-parallel tool paths, detecting uncut regions, and also used to calculate the tool radial compensation. The precision is discussed and is proved feasible for circuit milling. The milling operation is divided into isolating and hollowing operations to make the process planning more flexible. The detailed algorithms of isolating and hollowing are given, which contain contour-parallel offset and direction-parallel tool paths. Hollowing supports multi tools to promote the efficiency. All the processes such as drilling, isolating, hollowing and cutting off are given in detail.



Edited by:

Zhengyi Jiang, Jingtao Han and Xianghua Liu




K. Wang et al., "A Circuit Milling System with Pixel Based Algorithms", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 421, pp. 507-512, 2012

Online since:

December 2011




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