Grey New Information Unbiased GRM(1,1) Model Based on Accumulated Generating Operation in Reciprocal Number and its Application


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Monotonically decreasing sequence data for the traditional modeling method using the gray model accuracy is not high , and GM (1, 1) modeling method has inherent deviation , Model does not meet the compatibility condition, using Accumulated Generating Operation in reciprocal number ,make best use of last information and GM (1, 1) modeling , is deduced and the parameters optimization grey derivative calculation formula ,and then established GRM(1,1) based on accumulated generating operation in reciprocal number on the equidistance, Gray provides a new method of modeling . Data processing examples show that the model's practicality and reliability.



Edited by:

Dunwen Zuo, Chuanzhen Huang, Ming Chen, Jun Li and Guo Hun




W.Y. Xiao et al., "Grey New Information Unbiased GRM(1,1) Model Based on Accumulated Generating Operation in Reciprocal Number and its Application", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 426, pp. 81-84, 2012

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January 2012




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