A New Roadside Detection Method Based on Obstacle Detection


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In order to provide road information for outdoor mobile robot in a complicated environment, a new roadside detection method is proposed based on obstacle detection by applying a four-layer laser radar LD_ML. Because roadside obstacles distribute alone a road, theirs fitting straight lines are parallel to the road. The roadsides detection algorithm includes four steps: first, judge if there are obstacles along roadside or not; second, extract obstacles which belong to roadsides; third, build fitting straight lines through the roadside obstacles; at last, in order to obtain steady and precise roadsides, a EKF method is performed to track the roadsides. The results of experiment have testified the road roadsides detection algorithm has high stability and reliability.



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Gary Yang




C. H. Yu et al., "A New Roadside Detection Method Based on Obstacle Detection", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 429, pp. 324-328, 2012

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January 2012




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