Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Volume 429

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hacene Smadi, Djamel Bellala, Younes Maache

Abstract: In this work, we intend to determine a scheduling rule of maintenance work, which permits the optimization of the random tasks operation...

Authors: Qing Gui Zhou, Da Zhi Huang

Abstract: Winding tension is one of the most important factors that affects the winding products' quality. This paper introduces a method to develop...

Authors: Si Ning Chen

Abstract: During the accident mechanism investigation of Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (BLEVE), numerous dada shows that overheated liquid...

Authors: Rui Rui Zou, Zeng Wei Fan, Xiao Hong Ge, Gang Guo

Abstract: According to the typical working conditions of beach cleaner, which come from the result of the virtual prototyping model’s simulation...

Authors: Yan Ni Wang, Xiao Lin Jiang, Ping Yang

Abstract: In order to master the basic laws of preparation coating by electrical explosion spraying technology and obtain coating with higher...

Authors: Jian Qin, Qing Dong Zhang, Pei Cheng Zhang

Abstract: The warps (curvatures) of strip in the continuous annealing can be classed as longitudinal and transverse warps. The analysis of warp is...

Authors: Ze Fu Bao, Ya Zhou Jiang, Jiang Ping Wang

Abstract: Face gear drive, a new type of gear , is meshed by a cylindrical gear and a bevel gear. It has many unique advantages. Especially in...

Authors: Yong Qing Wang, Yan Ru Chen, Fei Nan Chen, Jing Jing Chen

Abstract: Temperature of the BOF flame is an important evident in the steel making process. A kind of wavelet neural network (SWNN) is constructed to...

Authors: Xi Hong Zhao, Xiao Hui Dai, You Hong Zhang, Peng Wang, Zhen Bo Xu, Xing Zhou Chen, Xiao Ping Chen

Abstract: Objective: To study the processing technology and formula of peanut–tea beverage, and further provide reference for the plant protein...

Authors: Zhao Yang Peng

Abstract: In order to compute intelligent answers to complex mechanical and electrical information processing questions, using information existing in...


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