Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Volume 429

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Song, Qing Sheng Hu

Abstract: This paper presents a 10Gb/s concatenated encoder compatible with the protocol of G.975. To achieve the high data rate, 8 RS encoders work...

Authors: Zhang Qin, Qing Sheng Hu

Abstract: This paper presents a design of 10Gb/s BCH decoder which is compatible with the protocol of G.975 and can be applied in optical fiber...

Authors: Xu Zhang, Yan Ma, Chun Mei Yang, Li Fu

Abstract: The rhombic drive of Stirling engine has been designed in the article, and motion analysis have been carried out according with the...

Authors: Jin Hong Gu, Qi Liu, Chao Hui Cheng

Abstract: According to the signal characteristics of power quality disturbances, a detection and classification method based on S-transform is...

Authors: Hui Liu, Jing Shan Jiao, Fu Chun Zhang, Ling Zhou

Abstract: The pilots that are transmitted by different transmitting antennas must be orthogonal after being shifted. So the time domain channel...

Authors: Dan Shang, Yong Qing Gao, Yu Cai Ping

Abstract: This paper analyzes there are some limitations of video data sending for current 3G video phone. A 3G video phone solution for reducing the...

Authors: Qi Gui Zhang, Bo Zhang, Gang Zhang

Abstract: The design of a kind of video processor with the function of auto-focusing is introduced in this paper. The video processor receives digital...

Authors: Xiao Lei Zhao, Ming Rong Ren, Ya Ting Zhang, Pu Wang

Abstract: The research and detection of heart disease depends on the analysis of the characteristic of electrocardio signal. Current analysis methods...

Authors: Ming Juan Lu, Ming Zhu, Wen Sheng Liu, Ai Xia Zhang, Li Xin Ai, Ji Huan Peng, Lian Guang Ning, Hua Li

Abstract: Based on the analysis of potential safety problems and main factors effecting on safety in mining process, safety evaluation index system...

Authors: Ming Zhu, Jin Long Sun, Wen Sheng Liu, Ai Xia Zhang, Hui Zhi Zhou, Li Xin Ai, Ji Huan Peng, Yun Xi Jia, Lei Wang

Abstract: Faced with the difficult situation of the joint operation of open pit and underground mining in transition period in Shirengou Iron Mine, a...


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