Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Volume 429

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Zhao, Fu Qun Shao, Ji Zhao, Xue Dong Zhang, Chuang Feng

Abstract: In this paper, an improved variational formulation for active contours model is introduced to force level set function to become fast and...

Authors: Chun Mei Yang, Yan Ma

Abstract: In this paper the concept of particle size of sub-nanometer wood flour is proposed. The preparation process of sub-nanometer wood flour is...

Authors: Wei Wang, Bao Sheng Sun, Ke Fa Zhou, Jin Lin Wang

Abstract: Metallogenic circumstances spatial of the same category mineral deposit structure had defined commonality in a certain region. The important...

Authors: Cong Zhang, Fu Cheng You

Abstract: At present, the technique of trademark image retrieval based on multi-feature combination of the shape mainly includes single-feature global...

Authors: Qi Sun, Jun Zhou, Zhi Lei Ge

Abstract: Antimissile interceptors with the attitude control motors (ACM) were researched. For solid propellant ACM, a pulse frequency modulation...

Authors: Zhi Gang Chen, Ai Hua Chen, Yue Li Cui

Abstract: In order to more precisely segment complex microscopic cell image, a new image segmentation method by combination of coarse segmentation and...

Authors: Zan Zhou, Jun Li Chang, Min Xie, Xiao Mei Liao

Abstract: To investigate the effect of vision clues on spatial cognitive ability of mice, 20 healthy Mus musculus (Km) mice were divided into two...

Authors: Dai Zhu Zhu, Wen Hua Huang

Abstract: Time-frequency spectrogram analysis is a basic method in passive radar and sonar. It′s necessary to enhance the line-spectrum to improve the...

Authors: Jian Hui Chen

Abstract: Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method based on HHT has exhibited unique advantages such as adaptability and highly efficiency in many...

Authors: You Gen Xu, Zhi Wen Liu

Abstract: Many manmade signals have nonzero noncircularity coefficients such as those used in AM, BPSK, and ASK systems. They are called noncircular...


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