The Study and Design of the Wood Horniness Alloy Milling Cutter CAD System


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Milling cutter can process the plane, shaped exterior, rabbet, mortise and many kinds of technologic hubs in the processing of wood cuttings and be widely used in many milling machines, planers and planers of four sides. Horniness alloy milling cutter is diffusely employed in lot of countries for the more durable grade compare to the other alloy cutter. As the course of market globalization and economic incorporation quicken, competition in manufacturing become serious. In order to win the competition, shorten the design time and increase the design reliability, CAD technology is necessary to use in the design of complex cutting-tools. The technology logical and efficiency quality of the cutter affect straightway the precision and the cost of the manufacture. Accordingly, cutting-tool CAD/CAPP/CAM integration comes true, and benefit of cutting-tool enterprise is improved. The contents of the research include: Aiming at the present design actuality in the WHAMC in china, the general design ideas and schemes of WHAMC CAD system are put forward. The completely research has been fulfilled in the functional module of the designing, intensity proofing, configuration and outputting of the drawing of the WHAMC CAD system. The floor rabbet cutter is the example in this part. This paper has analyzed the structure characteristics of the floor rabbet cutter, established the calculation of the floor rabbet cutter, parameter database of drawing, the basement of developing the marketable WHAMC CAD and discussed the probability of comprehensive development of the marketable WHAMC CAD software. The paper is developed by using the Auto CAD as the development flat and the LISP language as the development language by comparing and analyzing and performs functions of each design module of the system. The system provides man-machine conversation on the inputting parameters.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 430-432)

Edited by:

Ran Chen, Dongye Sun and Wen-Pei Sung




Q. Pan et al., "The Study and Design of the Wood Horniness Alloy Milling Cutter CAD System", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 430-432, pp. 1839-1842, 2012

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January 2012




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