Study on Fatigue Resistance Performance of Flexible Fiber and Rigid Fiber Reinforced Concrete


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The fiber reinforced concrete with flexible fiber and rigid fiber respectively added into C30 plain concrete, curing under standard condition for 28 days, was used for fatigue resistance performance experiment. The flexible fiber is American Dura fiber and Chinese nylon fiber. The rigid fiber is Chinese steel fiber. The fatigue resistance property was evaluated by the residual strength after 400 thousand times fatigue damage. The result shows that the residual strength of C30 plain concrete was only 35.0% of initial value, but the residual strength of C30 fiber reinforced concrete still remained 75%~90% of initial value. The residual strength of steel fiber concrete, Dura fiber concrete, nylon fiber concrete, is respectively 2.5, 2.3 and 2.1 times of the plain concrete. The fiber reinforced concrete improves the fatigue resistance property compared with the plain concrete. The fatigue resistance ability of flexible fiber and rigid fiber reinforced concrete is close to each other.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 430-432)

Edited by:

Ran Chen, Dongye Sun and Wen-Pei Sung




K. Liu et al., "Study on Fatigue Resistance Performance of Flexible Fiber and Rigid Fiber Reinforced Concrete", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 430-432, pp. 619-622, 2012

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January 2012




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