Control Chaos of a Nonlinear Circuit System by Two Controllers


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A third-order circuit system with nonlinear negative capacitance is studied. The dynamical equation and state equation of the system are established. By the phase portraits, the motions of the system are studied under the definite parameters. And by bifurcation diagram, the route from periodic motion to chaos is studied under the presented system parameters. Two controllers are constructed to control the chaos of a third-order circuit system with nonlinear negative capacitance. One controller is nonlinear and the other is linear. The phase plane portraits and bifurcation diagram of the controlled system are obtained. The effect of the nonlinear controller is better than the linear one. The threshold values of the control values of the two control method are obtained. The advantages of the two controlled methods are that the collect of the control signals are simple and can put on any time and the chaotic system can be asymptotically stabilized to equilibriums with small control. The orbits of the system can be controlled by these two methods according to our target.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 433-440)

Edited by:

Cai Suo Zhang




B. Z. Shi et al., "Control Chaos of a Nonlinear Circuit System by Two Controllers", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 433-440, pp. 2263-2269, 2012

Online since:

January 2012




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