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Authors: Hai Ning Ji, Zhong Wen Lan, Zhong Yu, L.Z. Li, Z.Y. Xu, S.J. Wu

Abstract: In this paper, several new main compositions are presented with Mn2+ substituted by Ti4+ and Co2+ in Manganese-zinc ferrites in...

Authors: Wei Na Hao, Guo Zhong Chai, J. Zhou

Abstract: A viscoplastic constitutive model with void damage is developed to analyze the macroscopic mechanical response and damage mechanism of...

Authors: J.J. Jia, Zheng Hao Ge, Y. Li

Abstract: For injection mold with core, during the injection molding process, the pressure on the core is usually uneven and will cause the core to...

Authors: Long Liu, Fu Zhen Xuan

Abstract: This paper proposes a Hamiltonian perturbation approach for analyzing the dynamic characteristics of the damaged structure. Firstly,...

Authors: D.S. Zhu, Bo Qin Gu, Ye Chen

Abstract: The temperature-dependent tensile strength is an important indicator used to evaluate combination property of short-fiber-reinforced...

Authors: Sen Ge, Zhong Li, J.G. Zhang, Y.C. Xiao, G.Q. Liu, B.S. Bao

Abstract: Fatigue crack growth rate experiments of center-cracked tension (CCT) specimens of the 2024-T3 aluminum alloy under constant-amplitude load...

Authors: Wen Feng Tu, Xiao Gui Wang, Zeng Liang Gao

Abstract: Based on two different cyclic plasticity models, fatigue crack growth for 16MnR steel specimens is simulated by using the same multi-axial...

Authors: Ji Wang Zhang, Kazuaki Shiozawa, Lian Tao Lu, W. Li, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: In order to investigate the fatigue behaviors in very high cycle fatigue regime of bearing steel GCr15 (Chinese standard), cantilever-type...

Authors: Ye Sen Fan, San Min Wang, Zhen Yang

Abstract: In a turbofan engine, the high pressure rotor and the radial driveshaft, which transmit the power from the internal gear-box to the...

Authors: Chang He Li, Ya Li Hou, Shi Chao Xiu, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: This paper describes an investigation about the grinding fluid optimization supply based on lubrication theory. The models for...


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