Eco-Dyeing, Finishing and Green Chemistry

Volume 441

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zan Min Wu, Xiao Jiao Deng, Jun Wang, Zhi Peng He

Abstract: The milk protein fiber was dyed with homemade capsanthin in medium of supercritical CO2 and got a crimson color. The optimum...

Authors: Xia Zhu, Qing Tao Meng

Abstract: t is pre-mordant dyeing. Dyeing property of Carmine, gardenia yellow and sodium copper chlorophyll on cotton fabrics which were pre-treated...

Authors: Chun Li Meng, Yan Wei Wang, Ji Liang Cao

Abstract: Research onthe one-bath dyeing process of encapsulated disperse dyes and reactive dyes on polyester/cotton blends showed that through the...

Authors: Chao Ping Dong, Jie Dong, Jian Ming Xia

Abstract: This paper studied the metachrome process of an optimal dyeing method by comparing the color and fastness of walnut peel extract applied on...

Authors: Guo Hua Zhu, Jin Li Zhu, Jin Ming Wu, Yan Feng Tang, Bing Tao Tang

Abstract: A series of blue crosslinking dyes EDCD, DTCD, TPCD, PVAmCD and PAAmCD were synthesized by the reaction of...

Authors: Na Liu, Xi Chun Dai, Xiang Rong Wang

Abstract: The process of silk fabric printed with a natural dye such as mulberry red has been studied. Sodium alginate could meet the need of silk...

Authors: Hong Fei Qian, Ping Zhu, Gang Bai, Yan Chun Liu

Abstract: Tea polyphenol (TP) was used to dye silk by the post-mordanting method using three different metal salts as the mordant; ferrous sulfate,...

Authors: Qiong Ying Quan, Zhi Gang Li

Abstract: Optim fiber is a kind of modified wool fiber by physical stretching of fine wool fiber, which changes the crimp ratio of the original wool....

Authors: Yun Jiang Sun, Qing Tao Meng

Abstract: The effects of different pH values and temperatures on the dyeing behavior of three types of natural pigment (lac dyer red, gardenia yellow,...

Authors: Ying Chen, Zhi Jia Wang, Fu Jia Song, Yong Hua Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the application of glow discharge (low pressure) and dielectric barrier discharge (atmospheric) prior to pigment dyeing of...


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