Eco-Dyeing, Finishing and Green Chemistry

Volume 441

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Lan Yu, Xiang Xian Ying, Jia Na Li, Fu Kun Zhao, Jian Zhong Shao

Abstract: Cellulase was immobilized on carrier ZH-EP and ZH-HA using glutaraldehyde as cross linking agent. The optimal reaction temperature of...

Authors: Dan Zhang, Rui Wang, Peng Cheng Zeng, Ru Quan Zhang, Lei Xu, Li Feng Xu

Abstract: Fibers extracted from Kudzu have unique anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory functions, and are promising to be fabricated into skin-care...

Authors: Lan Zhou, Jian Zhong Shao, Li Qin Chai, Guo Dong Fu

Abstract: Sericin was investigated as modifier for surface modification on cotton fibers. The measurement of zeta potential was initially used to...

Authors: Guang Ming Wang, Lan Zhou, Jun Li Chen, Guang Jie Cheng, Zhong Fa Hu

Abstract: In order to shorten dyeing process, increase yield and reduce consumption of water and alkaline, the one-bath two-stage heating dyeing...

Authors: Ying Cai, Hua Yun Ge, Jin Qiang Liu

Abstract: During the transmission of ultrasound, its great directionality, ubiquitous penetration and the ability to strengthen the diffusion,...

Authors: Hao Yu Yuan, Jian Hua Liu, Zhi Cheng Yu

Abstract: The extraction of natural dye from semen litchi was studied, and the stability and dyeing ability of the dyestuff for the silk fabrics were...

Authors: Min Shao, Jian Zhong Shao, Ping Li, Yan Ding

Abstract: The reaction behaviors of a heterobifunctional MCT/VS reactive dyes with amino groups and phenol groups were investigated at pH 7-10 and...

Authors: Jin Qiang Liu, Hua Li Miao, Shen Zheng Li

Abstract: C.I. Reactive Red 195 was used for non-aqueous dyeing in D5 (Decamethyl Cyclopentasiloxane) and appropriate surfactants were selected to...

Authors: Feng Yu She, Dong Ming Qi, Zhi Jie Chen, Jian Zhong Shao, Lei Yang

Abstract: A series of submicron organic pigment microcapsules with high pigment encapsulating efficiency and narrow particles size distribution was...

Authors: Feng Chun Dong, Jun Hua Wang, Gang Huang, Yong Tang Jia

Abstract: Cottons dark-dyeing with sulfur black was studied in this paper. Its a simple process for cotton because of no bleaching, just only...


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