Research on Shear Failure Criterion for Layered Rock Mass


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In order to study the stability of layered rock mass, a shear failure criterion for layered rock mass is presented and its program is compiled in C language. The shear failure criterion consists of two parts: firstly, four empirical expressions are suggested in which shear strength parameters vary with the direction; secondly, a pilot calculation method is developed to judge whether a shear failure plane in layered rock mass occurs or not and give its occurrence under three dimensional stress condition. A triaxial numerical experiment on layered rock mass is designed to test the shear failure criterion, and its results reflect the characters including obliquity effect, confining pressure effect and failure mode which conform to the previous triaxial tests.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 446-449)

Edited by:

Xiuli Du, Jianjun Zheng, Weiming Yan, Yue Li and Jianwei Zhang




Z. Z. Zhang et al., "Research on Shear Failure Criterion for Layered Rock Mass", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 446-449, pp. 1491-1496, 2012

Online since:

January 2012




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