Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2012

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Authors: Mang Ding, Di Ping Wu, Qin Qin
Abstract: Shear-slitting is a sheet metal cutting process used for dividing coiled sheet into narrower coils. In this paper, a two-dimensional finite element model was developed for the calculation of the shear-slitting process by using ABAQUS/Explicit. The shear failure criteria and the element-delete method were adopted to model the material separation. Mass scaling was used to reduce the solution time. The effect of clearance on the burr height was investigated. The simulation results show good agreement with experimental results. The critical clearance values was suggested for decreasing the burr.
Authors: Wei Peng, Qun Ying Yang, Song Gu
Abstract: Iris feature extraction and classifier design are the key steps in iris recognition system, because it will directly affect the effect of iris recognition, especially for real-time iris recognition system, in order to extract enough information as possible while reducing the system Calculation, and find a balance between effectiveness and efficiency in the identification. the current proposed Gobor Dougman filtering is the main feature extraction. However, in the kinds of embedded systems, Gobor function need large amount of calculation, so this chapter put the pyramid matching classification in scenes into feature extraction, established a new model of feature extraction and recognition. The match effect is ideal in after large number of tests
Authors: Hai Liang Li, Hai Bo Yang, Dong Fang Li
Abstract: As universal hot-rolling cogging can not only make full use of the alloy’s high temperature plastic but also has the characteristic of little deformation resistance, it can provide large volumes of heavy strip. Besides,Universal hot-rolling can reduce the materias of trimming effectively and improve material utilization. At present more than 90 percent of copper and copper alloy strip are manufactured by hot-rolling. The paper presents details of simulation and analysis of 3500×980×200-size copper strip in hot rolling process by using finite element simulation technique. Particular attention is paid to predict the temperature distribution and temperature history in each pass during the process.
Authors: Yun Feng Gao
Abstract: Non-convex programming problem is a hot problem in research field of optimization problems, since the interior point method is applied for solving programming problem. In this paper, we use the homotopy interior point method for solving a class of optimization problems by the existing theoretical results under quasi-norm cone condition. Contrary to this partial reverse convex constrained domain, we give the structure method of the quasi-norm cone condition, construct the combined homotopy method under quasi-norm cone condition and show some numerical examples
Authors: Jun Hua Bao, Wei Dong He
Abstract: The parametric solid models and assemble model are built in Pro/Engineer software system on the base of basic parameters of locomotive traction gears. The dedendum transition curves of teeth are fit by inputting the accurate coordinates of real curve of tooth that machined by gear hob after analyzing the envelopment processing of tooth. Assembling the driving and driven gears in Pro/Engineer system, and then the assemble model is imported into ANSYS software system, the settings of finite element analysis are defined, the finite element contact analysis of the driving and driven gears is done in ANSYS software. The accurate stress distributions of contact stress of teeth surfaces and the bending stress of dedendum of teeth are obtained base on the simulation calculations and post-processing in ANSYS. The calculation results are accurate compared with the real stress condition of teeth, so it can be the base of optimization design of gears for further research.
Authors: Yan Na Zhao
Abstract: With the severe competition in the market, it is important for various areas economic development how to improve the competitiveness of industries.This paper analyses the industry competitiveness in Hebei Province by using the principle component analysis (PCA) method.Faced with the factors restricting industry development in Hebei Province ,this paper bring forward some countermeasures and suggestions
Authors: Feng Wen, Xiao Ping Yang
Abstract: In order to get the perfect thermal protection materials and configuration of the electronic memory the relationship between the object temperature and time during heat transfer and the basic principles of heat and mass transfer for was analyzed. Several kinds of thermal protection structures and materials were simulated by ANSYS 10.0 and validated by experiments. The results demonstrated that nanometer aerogel is a kind of materials when placing it between memory and protective layer, 5 mm thick, makes sure the electronic memory works two hours normally in the environment at 125°C.
Authors: Wen Guo Li, Shao Jun Duan, Zhi Hong Yin
Abstract: The image segmentation algorithm based on facet model fitting is proposed, we firstly employ the facet model to fit the image intensity, and then calculate the fitting error. After acquiring seed segmentation region from the fitting error distribution, the region growing algorithm is implemented to enlarge the seed region to some region boundary. Finally, a new region merging algorithm is implemented to merge adjacent regipons into some large regions. Experiment results intestify the correctness of our proposed segmentation algorithm
Authors: Kao Feng Yarn, Ming Ju Yang, Wen Chung Chang
Abstract: A new GaAs/InGaAs triangular barrier optoelectronic switch combined with tri-state characteristic is fabricated and demonstrated. Two GaAs/InGaAs barriers are employed to provide potential barriers for electron thermionic emission and hole confinement, respectively. Applying a sufficient DC voltage to this device, a double S-shaped negative differential resistance (NDR) phenomenon with nearly equal switching voltage difference is appeared at room temperature. This unique NDR property can be introduced to triple stable regions into the device circuit design. Based on a proper circuit design with suitable load line, the studied device has potential for triple-logic applications.

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