Walking Speed Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition


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Sufficient sensor information is needed in the control of intelligent lower limb prosthesis. Sensor system includes MEMS Accelerometer and MEMS Gyroscope. The sensor system is installed in prosthetic socket. Walking information is obtained using this system. Hip joint and knee joint motion is measured by Vicon MX system. the angle, velocity and acceleration of Hip joint and knee joint is analyzed. The signal of sensor system is collected by Quarc system. Using the wavelet analysis method, characteristic values is extracted from the measurement signal after errors separation process. The results of experiment indicate that the sensor system has advantages of small size, sensitive response,quick examine,convinence to take with and use and so on. The system is very suitable for the information acquisition.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 468-471)

Edited by:

Wenzhe Chen, Pinqiang Dai, Yonglu Chen, Dingning Chen and Zhengyi Jiang




Y. L. Geng et al., "Walking Speed Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 468-471, pp. 1114-1117, 2012

Online since:

February 2012




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