Microstructure of MoSi2 Coating with B Addition Prepared by Vacuum Cladding


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The high-temperature oxidation-resistant MoSi2 coating with B addition on Mo substrate was prepared by vacuum cladding. The structure and composition of the coating were investigated by SEM and EDS. The results indicate that good metallurgical bond between all coatings and substrate has been developed. Throughout cracks were avoided by the addition of B. Three multi-layer structures as MoSi2, Mo5SiB2, and Mo3Si were formed by diffusion from outside to inside. The thickness of Mo5SiB2 layer was reduced because of the decreased diffusion coefficient of silicon in MoSi2 with the addition of boron.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 468-471)

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Wenzhe Chen, Pinqiang Dai, Yonglu Chen, Dingning Chen and Zhengyi Jiang




X. Q. Liu et al., "Microstructure of MoSi2 Coating with B Addition Prepared by Vacuum Cladding", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 468-471, pp. 2111-2114, 2012

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February 2012




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