Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: T.Y. Yeh, D.H. Kuo, R.K. Shiue

Abstract: The compatibility of various electrolyte and electrode combinations has been assessed based on viewpoints of mechanics. The...

Authors: D.H. Kuo, R.K. Shiue, W.Y. Tseng, C.H. Shih, T.Y. Yeh, M.H. Wei

Abstract: Functionally gradient materials (FGMs) composed of 3YSZ and IN713LC were developed in three different configurations. A linear-mode FGM had...

Authors: Kuo Feng Lo, Sheng Huoo Ni, Jenq Jy Charng, Yan Hong Huang

Abstract: As stress waves decay as they pass through the pile foundation system, it is extremely challenging for all nondestructive testing methods...

Authors: S.V. Joshi, S. Paul Vizhian, B.R. Sridhar, K. Jayaram

Abstract: Machining parameters such as speed (v), feed (f) and depth of cut (d) play an important role in determining the residual stress as well as...

Authors: Jüri Engelbrecht, Arvi Ravasoo, Jaan Janno

Abstract: The recent results in constructing the mathematical basis of nonlinear acoustic techniques for NDE of inhomogeneous materials are...

Authors: C. Rosales, V. Contreras, M. Matos, R. Perera, N. Villarreal, R. Gallego, J.M. Pastor

Abstract: Polypropylene/polyamide-6 and polypropylene/metallocene polyethylene blends containing 2.5 phr of organophilic modified montmorillonite...

Authors: Valeriy V. Sobolev, S.M. Usherenko

Abstract: The results of experimental research of physical and chemical transformations in a ferrous target, caused by intensive deformation mobility...

Authors: Chih Yu Hsu

Abstract: A new configuration of smart structures which could be automatically adjusted according to changes of forcing frequencies is proposed for...

Authors: Chun Fu Chen, Yu Chou Wu

Abstract: Mechanical sensitivity of a bossed and clamped layered isotropic circular plate with pretension in large deflection is evaluated. The...


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