Development of Novel Environment-Friendly Magnesium Alloys


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Novel environment-friendly magnesium alloys have been developed by alkaline earth metal oxides addition without increasing cost and damaging process-ability. They can establish simultaneously ① cleaner processing routes with reduced or without SF6 gas, ② melt cleanliness in furnace and during transfer and pouring, ③ improved process abilities of casting, forming, welding and powder metallurgy such as fluidity, hot tearing susceptibility, inclusion and eutectic phase, ④ cost reduction with low-cost elements as well as by reducing or eliminating high-cost protective gas like SF6 gas, ⑤ original process abilities, ⑥ improved mechanical properties by grain refinement and internal soundness, ⑦ improved welding performance and joint properties, ⑧ safety during applications by improving oxidation and flame resistance and ⑨ improved remelting and recycling abilities. CaO, one of alkaline earth metal oxides, added Mg alloys can be well manufactured by conventional melting and casting without protective gas. This paper will discuss the effect of CaO on optimum protective gas usage, oxidation resistance and flame behavior of magnesium alloys.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 47-50)

Edited by:

Alan K.T. Lau, J. Lu, Vijay K. Varadan, F.K. Chang, J.P. Tu and P.M. Lam






J. K. Lee and S. K. Kim, "Development of Novel Environment-Friendly Magnesium Alloys", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 47-50, pp. 940-943, 2008

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June 2008




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