Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Jie Jheng, Shun Fa Hwang, Zheng Han Hong

Abstract: A molecular dynamic (MD) method is used to simulate Al atom depositing on Cu substrate by controlling the incident energy and the...

Authors: Long Li, Xie Rong Zeng, He Jun Li, Xin Bo Xiong, Xiao Hua Li, Sheng Hui Xie

Abstract: The effect of low-level oxidation (weight loss less than 6wt.%) on mechanical property of two-dimension (2D) carbon/carbon (C/C) composites...

Authors: Jong Hyoung Kim, Hiroyuki Kousaka, Noritsugu Umehara, Mamoru Shimada, Mitsuru Hasegawa

Abstract: Adhesion, or the binding of different materials at an interface, is of general interest to many branches of technology, e.g.,...

Authors: Yeon Wook Kim, Tae Hyun Nam, Sang Hoon Lee

Abstract: The shape memory alloy strips of Ti50Ni15Cu35 and Ti50Ni10Cu40 had been fabricated by arc melt overflow. Their microstructures and shape...

Authors: Yeon Wook Kim

Abstract: The osseointegration capability of titanium dental implants is related to their chemical composition and surface roughness. In this study,...

Authors: Ming Yi Chang, Chen Yu Chang, Yung Hsu Hsieh, Kuo Shan Yao, Ta Chih Cheng, Chun Ta Ho

Abstract: The use of TiO2 as photocatalyst to degrade the organic compounds is an effective method of oxidation process and has been widely studied...

Authors: Meng Kao Yeh, Nyan Hwa Tai, Guo Chian Ling, Chi Yuan Huang

Abstract: In this paper, carbon nanotubes were used as the reinforcements in the polymer composites for the application of electromagnetic...

Authors: Youichi Shimizu, Satoko Takase, Daisuke Koba

Abstract: A new solid-electrolyte impedance-metric NOx sensor device composed of a lithium ionic solid electrolyte: Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3 (LATP) as a...

Authors: Christian Licht, Thibaut Weller

Abstract: Smart materials, which present significant multiphysical couplings, are now widely used for the conception of smart structures whose...

Authors: Kasama Jarukumjorn, Nitinat Suppakarn, Jongrak Kluengsamrong

Abstract: Natural fiber reinforced polymer composites became more attractive due to their light weight, high specific strength, biodegradability....


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