Multi-functional Materials and Structures

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Authors: Hui Min Liu, Sergiy Lysenko, Armando Rua, Felix Fernandez

Abstract: Ultrafast optical pump-probe technique employed in a degenerate-four-wave-mixing configuration was used to study the light-induced optical...

Authors: H. Ku, F. Cardona, D. Rogers, A. Vandenbroucke

Abstract: Low cost composite materials are widely used in civil and structural engineering applications. This project uses EPON to plasticize a...

Authors: X.H. Zheng, Jiang Ping Tu, Ren Guo Song

Abstract: CNx/TiNx composite films were prepared on high-speed steel (HSS) substrate by pulsed laser co-deposition process with the Ti/graphite...

Authors: Shu Jia Liu, Xiao Juan Si, Wei Li, Yi Min Wang, Alan Kin Tak Lau

Abstract: The aim of this study was to put forward a new method to improve the ballistic impact performance of unidirectional plate (UD plate) by...

Authors: X.H. Zheng, Jiang Ping Tu, Hong Xia Li, Ren Guo Song

Abstract: a-CNx films were deposited onto silicon wafers at temperatures from RT up to 600 °C by using pulsed KrF excimer laser deposition. The...

Authors: Hong Xia Li, Ren Guo Song, J. Zhao

Abstract: Al2O3 ceramic coatings were directly prepared on 6063 aluminum alloy in borate electrolytes by micro-arc oxidation (MAO) technique. The...

Authors: Ren Guo Song, Fang Er Yang, Xiao Hong Weng, Wang Zhao He

Abstract: We have developed a new method to fabricate poly(diphenylsilylenemethylene) (PDPhSM) matrix nanocomposite thin films containing copper...

Authors: Yan Hua Fan, Shu Hui Yu, Rong Sun, Lei Li, Ru Xu Du, Yan Sheng Yin, Ying Bang Yao

Abstract: Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 thin films with a thickness of 300~900 nm were prepared with sol-gel method directly on the copper foils. The films have...

Authors: Yong Wang, Ling Ling Cao, Yi Min Wang

Abstract: A carbon foam with high strength and high thermal conductivity was prepared through the incorporation of nano-titanium particle into...

Authors: Shuang Qiao, Deng Lu Hou, Qian Zhang, Cong Mian Zhen

Abstract: Ge1-xMnx (x=0.05, 0.07, 0.11, 0.15, 0.19, 0.23, 0.26, 0.29) thin films were prepared by magnetron sputtering. All the films had a Ge cubic...


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