Multi-functional Materials and Structures

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ion Tiseanu, Teddy Craciunescu, Gheorghe Virgil Aldica, Mihai Iovea

Abstract: The potential of X-ray micro-tomography in characterizing the relevant material issues as identified during manufacturing processes was...

Authors: Won Sik Lee, Keun Song, Jin Man Jang, Se Hyun Ko, Il Ho Kim

Abstract: Some nano grained Al materials were produced by mechanical milling/alloying followed by vacuum hot pressing: nano grained pure Al, Al-1.5Mg...

Authors: L.N. Kotov, Y.Y. Efimets, V.S. Vlasov, A.P. Petrakov, V.K. Turkov, Y. Kalinin, A.V. Sitnikov

Abstract: The work is devoted to the research of the magnetic resonance properties of composite (metal-dielectric) films and revealing their...

Authors: Hui Min Xie, Yan Jie Li, Hua Du, Bing Pan, Qiang Luo, Chang Zhi Gu, Hai Chang Jiang

Abstract: In this study, focused gallium ion (Ga+) beam is utilised to fabricate micro/submicron spacing gratings on specimen surface. The grating...

Authors: Xin Lan, Jin Song Leng, Yan Ju Liu, Shan Yi Du

Abstract: A new system of thermoset styrene-based shape-memory polymer (SMP) filled with carbon black (CB) is investigated. To realize the...

Authors: Irina Carceanu, G. Cosmeleata, Angela Popa, Ioan Nedelcu, E. Jalbă, P. Manicatide Neagu, I. Roceanu

Abstract: Elaboration of complex multifunctional materials with nanometric structure and controlled characteristics for special applications, implies...

Authors: Xiao Juan Si, Shu Jia Liu, Dong Hui Liu, Xin Peng Wang, Yi Min Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene/ Epoxy resin (UHMWPE/Epoxy) fibres were prepared by using gel spinning. The...

Authors: My Pham, Nam Seo Goo, Man Jong Lee

Abstract: In this study, a high performance peristaltic micropump has been developed and investigated. The micropump has three cylinder chambers...

Authors: Jun Wang, Yu Xing Ren, David C.C. Lam

Abstract: Porous solids are less stiff than the solid, but its stiffness can be increased if the elastic properties of the struts within are...

Authors: Chaiwat Ruksakulpiwat, Sukanya Nuasaen, Choosak Poonsawat, Paveena Khansawai

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to modify natural rubber (NR). The optimum conditions for synthesis of epoxidized natural rubber (ENR) was...


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