Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vitaliy G. Shevchenko, Vladimir P. Volkov, Alexander N. Zelenetsky, Anatoliy T. Ponomarenko, Oleg Figovsky

Abstract: Novel PE- and PP-based electromagnetic wave shielding and absorbing materials with low combustibility, enhanced thermal and mechanical...

Authors: Anatoliy T. Ponomarenko, Oleg Figovsky, Vitaliy G. Shevchenko

Abstract: Strategy of the synthesis of multifunctional materials is developed on the basis of physical properties of composites, composition of...

Authors: Ai Wei Miao, Yao Wen Yang

Abstract: Electromechanical impedance (EMI) technique using lead zirconate titanate (PZT) transducers has been increasingly applied to structural...

Authors: Hua Yang, Qing Qing Ni, Atsuhiko Yamanaka, Toshiaki Natsuki

Abstract: There are exists positive thermal expansion property for almost all materials. However, in many cases, the material property with negative...

Authors: Hui Wang, Allan J. Easteal, Neil Edmonds

Abstract: Modified natural rubber latex can be used as paperboard barrier coating in order to replace unrecyclable wax coating material. Natural...

Authors: Wei Long Yin, Qi Jian Sun, Bo Zhang, Jing Cang Liu, Jin Song Leng

Abstract: Morphing aircraft wings require flexible skins that can undergo large strains, have low in-plane stiffness. In this paper, the sandwiched...

Authors: A.T. Adorno, R.A.G. Silva

Abstract: The study of the kinetics of martensitic phase decomposition in the Cu-10wt.%Al alloy with Ag additions showed that the presence of Ag...

Authors: Neda Djordjevic, Peter Habisreuther, Nikolaos Zarzalis

Abstract: Increasingly stringent regulations for limiting pollutant emissions for both aircraft and industrial gas turbines enforce further reduction...

Authors: C.L. Yeh, R.F. Li

Abstract: Preparation of NbB2-Al2O3 in situ composites with a broad range of compositions was conducted by self-propagating high-temperature...

Authors: M.N. Ichazo, C. Albano, M. Hernández, J. González, A. Carta

Abstract: In this work we present the influence of different particle size (surface areas: 120,150, 200 and 250 m2/g) and size distribution of...


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