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Authors: Yoshiharu Morimoto, Toru Matui, Motoharu Fujigaki
Abstract:In order to measure 3D displacement components and surface strain distributions of objects, three systems for digital holographic...
Authors: V.A. Simonenko, V.V. Bashurov, N.A. Skorkin, Tov Elperin
Abstract:In 1974 an unusual phenomenon called Usherenko effect was observed in impact experiments [1,2]. Surprisingly large were impact produced...
Authors: J. Owsik, Valeriy V. Sobolev
Abstract:It was shown experimentally that super-deep penetration (SDP) effect occurs due to collision of a microparticles clot with a metallic...
Authors: Anatoly I. Belous, V.I. Ovchinnikov, L.D. Buiko, T.V. Petlitskaya, E.A. Doroshkevich
Authors: Debes Bhattacharyya, R.J. Shields, S. Fakirov
Abstract:Polymer-reinforced polymer composites have been successfully created from blends of engineering and commodity plastics. These microfibril...
Authors: Hua Wei, Ji Sheng Li, Xia Guo
Abstract:Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are becoming more frequently used in civil engineering structures because of their superiors...
Authors: Michael Ioelovich, Oleg Figovsky
Abstract:Main purpose of this paper is to describe the method for preparation of the reactive nanocellulose biocarrier and to discuss some its...
Authors: Yu Kyong Kim, Man Hyung Lee, Madhav Nepane Prasad, Il Song Park, Min Ho Lee, Kyeong Won Seol, Tae Sung Bae
Abstract:Magnesium has been proposed as an implant metal due to its low weight and inherent biocompatibility. However, it use as a biomaterial is...
Authors: Nam Gyu Kim, Il Song Park, Ho Keun Yi, Seung Geun Ahn, Kwang Yeob Song, Tae Sung Bae, Min Ho Lee
Authors: Kwo Ping Chang, Ching Han Cheng, Ying Chi Chiang, Shan Chih Lee, Chih Yuan Lin, Bor Tsung Hsieh, Ching Chio Ko, Ya Ling Huang
Abstract:Hyperthermia using ferrofluid with alternating current (AC) magnetic field, which is the principal method we try to use in this study, where...
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