Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zong Bin Liu, Bei Zhang, Brian Yu Fung Pow, Mo Yang, Arthur Fuk Tak Mak

Abstract: This paper introduces a new method of surface modification by self-assembled monolayer (SAM) and polymer monolayer grafting. Since most of...

Authors: Brian Yu Fung Pow, Arthur Fuk Tak Mak, Man Sau Wong, Mo Yang

Abstract: In this work, the effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (NWNTs) incorporation in poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) on the human osteoblast-like cell...

Authors: Yan Bao Li, Qing Lin, Jun Sheng Chen, Xiang Hui Lan, Chun Hua Lu, Dong Xu Li, Zhong Zi Xu

Abstract: The bioactivity of potassium titanate whiskers (PTW) was evaluated by soaking in simulated body fluids (SBF, Kokubo solution). At first,...

Authors: Atsushi Maruyama, Long Liang Wu, Naohiko Shimada, Arihiro Kano

Abstract: We have been interested in the soluble interpolyelectrolyte complexes (IPEC) between DNA and the cationic comb-type copolymers,...

Authors: Gang Wang, Xu Feng Chen, Xu Dian Shi, Long Jiang Yu, Bi Feng Liu, Guang Yang

Abstract: In this paper, a new approach for controllable bio-fabrication of patterened cellulose nano-fibers has been proposed by micro-fluidic...

Authors: Y.Z. Zhang, B. Su, Chwee Teck Lim

Abstract: This paper presents a two-step approach for electrospinning of hydroxyapatite/chitosan (HAp/CTS) nanocomposite, which was firstly prepared...

Authors: Chin Chuan Chang, Shu Ling Wang, Wen Chi Tseng, Meng Jiy Wang

Abstract: Plasma polymerization is an effective method to directly deposit ultra-thin film on substrates with advantageous properties such as good...

Authors: Nani Wibowo, Meng Jiy Wang, Chin Chuan Chang, Cheng Kang Lee

Abstract: The effect of plasma treatment on physicochemical properties of a porous polypropylene (PP) membrane was studied. The treated porous...

Authors: Yan Fei Zhao, Xiu Fen Wang

Abstract: In this paper, water-soluble polymer PEG of different molecular weight was grafted on the SIS films by plasma surface grafting...

Authors: Fu Zeng Ren, Ren Long Xin, Xiang Ge, Yang Leng

Abstract: Nanocrystalline Zn-substituted calcium hydroxyapatite (HA) powder was synthesized by wet chemical method. Detailed characterization was...


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