Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nong Zhang, Nga Hoang, Hai Ping Du

Abstract: This paper presents a novel Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber (ATVA) using the enhanced magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) for powertrain...

Authors: Jean Philippe Masse, K. Beyer, Didier Bouvard, Olivier Bouaziz, Yves Bréchet, Luc Salvo

Abstract: Entangled materials are similar to cellular materials, with regard to their low density and discrete architecture. In this work steel wool...

Authors: Charles Brugger, Yves Bréchet, Marc Fivel

Abstract: Interlocked materials are new examples of “hybrid materials”, mixing materials and structures at a millimetric scale. They consist of...

Authors: Chan Yik Park, Seung Moon Jun

Abstract: Guided wave structural damage detection is one of promising candidates for the future aircraft structural health monitoring systems. There...

Authors: Norifumi Takagaki, Kazuya Okubo, Toru Fujii

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of the enhancement by addition of Micro Fibrillated Cellulose (MFC) on the static, fatigue and impact...

Authors: Jung Woo Sohn, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: In this paper, active vibration control performance of the smart hull structure with Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) is evaluated. The...

Authors: Young Min Han, Chan Jung Kim, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: This paper presents control performances of a magnetorheological (MR) fluid-based multifunctional haptic device which is applicable to...

Authors: Min Sang Seong, Kum Gil Sung, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: This paper presents damping force control performances of a magnetorheological (MR) damper via new control strategy considering hysteretic...

Authors: Min Zhi Rong, Su Ping Wu, Ming Qiu Zhang

Abstract: In this work, a simple but effective approach was reported for preparing natural fiber reinforced plastic foams based on plant oil with...

Authors: Q.Z. Teng, Xian Zhou Zhang, Wei Hua Li, Da Feng Chen, He Jun Du

Abstract: This paper presents both theoretical and experimental study of particle motion in a typical interdigitated electrode array. Both finite...


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