Optimized Tool Path Planning for Five-Axis Flank Milling of Ruled Surface Considering Tolerance


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Five-axis CNC flank milling has recently received much attention in industry. Tool path planning is a critical issue in five-axis CNC flank milling operation. Previous work based on dynamic-programming generated optimal tool path by global minimising the machining error. However, global minimal machining error may not guarantee a local machining error controllable. Therefore, this paper proposes a method based on combination of global and local optimization, which makes tool path of five-axis flank milling optimal and error controllable. Oversize error of tool paths can be partially adjusted so that a specified tolerance is met in global optimization processing. Finally, the experiments of the simulative are made by this algorithm. The result verifies the feasibility and validity of the proposed scheme.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 472-475)

Edited by:

Wenzhe Chen, Xipeng Xu, Pinqiang Dai, Yonglu Chen and Zhengyi Jiang




J. F. Tian et al., "Optimized Tool Path Planning for Five-Axis Flank Milling of Ruled Surface Considering Tolerance", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 472-475, pp. 114-118, 2012

Online since:

February 2012




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