Size-Dependence of Elasticity of Phosphorus-Doped Silicon Nano-Plates


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Elasticity of phosphorus (P)-doped silicon nanoplates has been investigated by a semi-continuum approach which captures the atomistic physics and retains the efficiency of continuum models. Youngs modulus of silicon (001) nanoplates along [10 direction is obtained by the developed semi-continuum approach. The results show that P-doping has an effect on the elasticity of silicon nanoplates, especially with the variation of doping concentration. The model predicts that Youngs moduli of P-doped silicon nanoplates are size-dependence.



Edited by:

Guohui Yang




J. Wang, "Size-Dependence of Elasticity of Phosphorus-Doped Silicon Nano-Plates", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 486, pp. 80-83, 2012

Online since:

March 2012





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