Comparative Analysis and Selection of Seal Structure between the Piston and Casing of Rapping Device


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ANSYS was employed to build nonlinear finite element models of seal structure of double-Y and quad-ring between the piston and casing of rapping device respectively. The relationships of the contact stress versus fluid pressure and the Von-Mises equivalent stress versus working pressure of fluid were obtained. The comparison of the two calculated results presented the seal structure of double-Y was proper for rapping device between the piston and casing.



Edited by:

Elwin Mao and Wenya Tian




J. Y. Yu et al., "Comparative Analysis and Selection of Seal Structure between the Piston and Casing of Rapping Device", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 487, pp. 401-405, 2012

Online since:

March 2012




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