Research on Emergency Plan Ontology Model


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Emergency plan is a project document to guide and deal with public emergency events, and also is the core of emergency management. Nowadays, most emergency plans in China exist in non-semantic form and are difficult to play roles effectively. Ontology is an important method to describe semantic model. Therefore, in this paper, emergency plan ontology model is constructed by ontology technology of semantic Web and Web Ontology Language OWL, which formally describes the conceptions of emergency plan and the relations between them. Finally, the model is used in ontology-based semantic retrieval system, and improves the retrieval recall and precision.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 488-489)

Edited by:

Wu Fan




M. Ren and F. Yang, "Research on Emergency Plan Ontology Model", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 488-489, pp. 1288-1292, 2012

Online since:

March 2012





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