A Kind of Spatial Angular Magnetic Gear Transmission


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Gear exciting is of vital importance in modern power transmission systems. But when the requirements of angular gear transmission are needed, the shortcomings of the current mechanical and magnetic gear transmission are even more obvious. The traditional mechanical gear boxes have the construction of direct mechanical contact, whose disadvantages are low efficiency, noisy, apt to lubricate, easy to produce vibrations to be damaged and so on. And the existing magnetic gear is coaxial which can’t meet the need of angular transmission. In this paper, the construction of a kind of spatial angular magnetic gear, which has no direct mechanical contact between the driven axis and load axis, is proposed. Besides, the principle of the gear ratio is introduced and a concrete magnetic gear is analyzed. The results show that the range of the angle of this magnetic gear can be very large.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 490-495)

Edited by:

Ran Chen and Wen-Pei Sung




Y. K. Man et al., "A Kind of Spatial Angular Magnetic Gear Transmission", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 490-495, pp. 1873-1877, 2012

Online since:

March 2012




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