Study on the Ductile-Mode Milling of Brittle Ceramics


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Hard and brittle materials such as silicon and ceramic materials are difficult to machining due to their brittle properties. By the ductile-mode machining, delicate features with high accuracy can be created on these materials by mechanical micro/nano machining. This paper introduced the experimental study on the ductile-mode milling of ceramics. First, the experimental background and plans have been introduced. Then, on the sub-micron milling center, experimental results show that ductile-mode machining can be achieved. Both machining parameters and machining conditions are very important in order to realize the ductile-mode machining



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 490-495)

Edited by:

Ran Chen and Wen-Pei Sung






X. Cheng et al., "Study on the Ductile-Mode Milling of Brittle Ceramics", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 490-495, pp. 3654-3657, 2012

Online since:

March 2012




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