Study on Selvage Parameter Based on Silk Fabric Specifications Database


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Based on the silk fabric specifications database, the paper proposes two technological parameters of selvage tightness coefficient and selvage warp density coefficient, and realizes the quantitative relationship of corresponding parameters between selvage and fabric. By making use of thousands data of silk products in the silk fabric specifications database, corresponding programs are wrote to achieve the automated numeration of various selvage parameters .Then the paper discusses three typical silk fabrics which contains eleven subclasses and analyses the distribution of the two parameters, with the comparison of selvage parameters in sub-categories of the same categories. The conclusion can provide a theoretical basis for the silk fabric design and production.



Edited by:

Xiancang Deng and Xufeng Dong




X. Yang et al., "Study on Selvage Parameter Based on Silk Fabric Specifications Database", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 502, pp. 159-163, 2012

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April 2012




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