FBG Demodulation System Based on Real-Time Correction Technology


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The system error of the FBG demodulation system based on tunable fiber Fabry-Perot (F-P) interferometer increases due to the uncertain relationship of driving voltage and the scanning wave peak. So the real-time correction technology is studied here. A parallel real-time correction system is designed to correct nonlinear problems of PZT and structural errors of the tunable FP interferometer. The relation between PZT driving voltage and the peak of tunable FP interferometer is analyzed by the experiments. Then a fast segmentation algorithm is designed. Then a signal processing system is designed using FPGA, which guarantees real-time work of the system by integrating the demodulation system control, filter calculation and data compression circuits into one FPGA chip. Experimental results show that the system described here solves the accuracy problem caused by the tunable FP interferometer.



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Xiaoxiao Zhou




X. Y. Yu and Y. Liu, "FBG Demodulation System Based on Real-Time Correction Technology", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 505, pp. 362-366, 2012

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April 2012





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