Investigation on the Electromagnetic Interference of Four-Circuit Transmission Lines


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In the paper the calculation of electric field and magnetic field considering the influence caused by the sag is investigated. The method to analyze the influence caused by the transmission lines sag is presented firstly. A 110 four-circuit transmission lines in Chongqing was taken as an example, the electric field and magnetic field in 2D space and 3D space were calculated respective, and comparison was conducted. Result indicate that the electric and magnetic fields obtained in 2D space has an error of 11.2% for electric field, and 7.1% for magnetic field.



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Wenjiang Du




X. Y. Zhuang et al., "Investigation on the Electromagnetic Interference of Four-Circuit Transmission Lines", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 507, pp. 106-111, 2012

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April 2012




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