Optimization Design of Capacitance Sensor with Helical Shaped Surface Plates


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Optimized capacitance sensor with helical shaped surface plates has an obvious advantage of smaller homogeneous error which helps to make the measurement result insensitive to phase distribution and flow changes. The angle of rotation is one of the most important structural parameters to the sensor optimization design. The effect of rotation angle of the helical surface plate to the performance of the sensor with different diameters was studied in this paper. Results showed that the best rotation angle of the helical surface plate was different for different sizes of sensor. 360 degree rotation angle is the best to obtain the smallest homogeneous error when the diameter is greater than 32mm, however, 180 degree is the best when the pipe diameter is less than 31mm, ,



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Zhixian Jin, Zhi Xie and Guosheng Gai




Y. T. Wang et al., "Optimization Design of Capacitance Sensor with Helical Shaped Surface Plates", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 508, pp. 92-95, 2012

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April 2012




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