Effect of Rare Earth (La) on Dynamic Softening and Precipitation of Low Carbon High Niobium Steel


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Rare earth (RE) has purification, denatured mixture and micro alloy function in steel. High Nb containing in steel can expend austenite non-recrystallization region, improve rolling temperature and lower equipment load. Effect of RE on dynamic recrystallization of low carbon high niobium steel is investigated by using thermal simulation experiment in this paper. Experimental results show that dynamic recrystallization does not occur in two test steel below 1000°C. RE elements can increase dynamic recovery beginning strains, refine and disperse M/A organization and change precipitates into small triangle shape.



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S.T. Tu, G.Z. Wang and J.M. Gong




Q. Fang et al., "Effect of Rare Earth (La) on Dynamic Softening and Precipitation of Low Carbon High Niobium Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 509, pp. 64-67, 2012

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April 2012




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