Engineering Materials III

Volume 51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K.S. Hwang, M.W. Wu, Chia Cheng Tsai

Abstract: High strength and high hardness can be readily attained after sintering when sinter-hardening grade powder metallurgy alloys are used....

Authors: Ming Tu Ma, Guo Zhong Li, Zhi Gang Li, Hong Zhou Lu

Abstract: The effect of morphology and distribution of sulfides on tensile, impact and bending fatigue properties of non-quenched and tempered steel...

Authors: Guang Hong Yin

Abstract: The development of oil&gas steel products in Baosteel in the past two decades is reviewed. After years of R&D works of steel products used...

Authors: Xian Liang Zhou, Xiao Zhen Hua, Jian Yun Zhang, Yong Jin Tang, Qing Jun Chen

Abstract: The influences of the different Si (0.723%~4.5%) and Cr (2.0%~8.0%) contents on the microstructures and properties of Cr-Si-Mn white cast...

Authors: Xin Min Tang, Xian Liang Zhou, Yong Jin Tang, Jian Wu Yan

Abstract: In this paper, using high tensile strength and yield strength of hot-rolling acid washing thin steel sheet instead of cold-rolling steel...

Authors: Hui Ping Ren, Hai Yan Wang, Zong Chang Liu

Abstract: The precipitate behavior of copper in the high purity structural steel was investigated by means of transmission electron microscope (TEM),...

Authors: K.F. Chang, F.H. Chen, S.K. Fan, Chi Y.A. Tsao

Abstract: Mg bulk metallic glass rod, ribbon and composite plate were synthesized via injection casting, melt spinning, and spray forming,...

Authors: P.C. Wang, Chung Chieh Lin, T.Y. Huang, H.C. Lin, M.T. Yeh, K.M. Lin

Abstract: In this study, the crystal structure and mechanical property of AZ80-2%Li Mg alloy are investigated. Experimental results show that the...


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