Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2012

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Authors: Jian Jun Yang, Fang Li, Chuen Huei Yang
Abstract: Electrification is an important mission of conventional submarines. By regarding the electrification system of conventional submarines as a phased cold standby system, a mission reliability analysis model of the multi-phase storage system with element failure following exponential distribution is built to solve the issue of precise calculation of electrification mission reliability of conventional submarines. The correctness of the analytical mode has been verified by the analytical results and simulation results.
Authors: Pei Dong Wu, Jian Yi Kong, You Jin Gao, He Gen Xiong
Abstract: The paper was mainly research on hydraulic support by finite elements method. It took a certainly type of hydraulic powered support as an example. All parts of hydraulic support were analyzed in finite element analysis software Ansys Workbench12.1. The simulation data was compared with test data and the relative error factor was discussed, it indicated that three-way pasting the strain foil could generate much more low relative error than other ways or pasting foils in pressure frame test.
Authors: Han Ming Cai, Ming Jie Tian
Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of shaft structure improvement after assignment radial piston pump, its structure and working principle to improve the axial flow past with radial piston pump shaft with flow the stress of the situation, and improve the hydraulic pump pressure of work and service life.
Authors: Yong Yan Cui, Zhen Lun Zhao, Ai Chao
Abstract: The effect of dynamic vulcanization on mechanical, rheological, thermal properties and morphology of ABS were studied in this paper. And the effect of shear stress, shear rate on melt rheological behavior were discussed. The results showed that: the melt of dynamic vulcanization modified ABS was pseudoplastic fluid, and its apparent viscosity was increased. Tensile strength, notched impact strength of dynamic vulcanization modified ABS increased gradually, and the melt flow rate decreased gradually .
Authors: Jun Mao, Lu Jing Tang
Abstract: Along with the development of the science and technology and the change of the views of aesthetics, many novel machine structures appear, at the same time, the compatibility and the paradoxicality between the mechanics and aesthetics are placed before the machine designers. In order to improve mechanical properties of strength and stiffness in designing mechanical structure is easy to fall into misunderstanding that to improve mechanical properties depends on increasing outline dimension and the thickness of materials or selecting high performance materials. Elephantine shape, confusing alignment, incorrect size proportion and grave hue are the results of it. It is just enough to meet mechanical requirements but not ideal for aesthetic effect, increasing the cost. Conversely, it is not advisable to pursue beauty excessively or to make structure stress irrationally. This paper analysis on the harmony and contradiction between the mechanics and aesthetics of the machine, and puts forward some main measures for solving the contradiction.
Authors: Zhong Qi Sheng, Zong Xiao Zhu, Chang Chun Liu, Chao Biao Zhang
Abstract: The main heat source of the spindle system of CNC machine tool has been analyzed. The friction heat of the motor as well as the bearing has been calculated. This paper established the finite element model of the spindle system of a precise CNC turning center, and used ANSYS to analyze the steady temperature field of the spindle system and the thermal deformation of the spindle. Finally, this paper proposed a solution to install a cooling sleeve in front of the spindle box, which can apparently reduce the thermal error of machine spindle.
Authors: Yi Jun Wang, Hong Juan Ren, Qi Sun, Jia Lin Lu
Abstract: Based on the way of the Finite Element Method (FEM), this paper researches on the three dimensional frame of the truck by analyzing the frame's relevant data including safety factors, maximum stress, maximum displacement position, strain. Through the analysis on the FEM computation results, the frames framework improvement design are supplied. Finally, for testifing the feasibility and practicality of improved frame, this paper simulated frame working under three different conditions which are the full-loaded condition, the right-side load condition and the back-side load condition, and warranted the final summary by contrasting measured relevant data
Authors: Yun Li, Jin Wei Fan, Xing Li Gao, Xiao Feng Wang
Abstract: According to the problems of hydraulic system of sway machine, such as commissioning and maintenance are inconvenient, impact of change direction is big, system speed is slow, production efficiency is low, etc. It used electro-hydraulic proportional control valve to improve design in hydraulic system of sway machine. Application of electro-hydraulic proportional control valve has realized automatic adjustment of the hydraulic motor speed; it is effective to solve variable speed movement of sway machine frame and no impact of changing direction smooth. Commissioning and maintenance of sway machine are more convenient, and it improves performance of sway machine.
Authors: Han Ming Cai, Yang Guan, Ming Jie Tian
Abstract: Laser quenching is a kind of advanced surface heat treatment technology,which is widely used in automotive, aerospace, and other industrial fields. The present laser quenching machines are general use the nc machine tools most. These kinds of machine have greatly limited the processing ability and the range of processing has been very restricted too. During this paper,first according to the theory study,we put forward the technical requirements about how to acqurie even hardened laye in laser quenching process. Then, the paper list the shortcomings of present numerical control machine tool in the aspects of realizating the laser quenching. At last according to the condition in practical production, the paper come to the total solution to realize CNC laser quenching, doing some theoretical exploration for the realization of the laser quenching.

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