Study on Numerical Control Machining Technology of Full-Surface Part


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A complex part, which has curved surface overall, is trial-manufactured with CNC machine. The NC machining process and technology of this full-surface part are studied in this paper. First, the 3D model of the part is created in the modeling module of UG system. Then, process analysis and scheme are developed. As the part has an irregular shape and the entire surface is to be NC machined, there are many difficulties during processing. The optimized process plan is determined. In the manufacturing module of UG system, the NC machining parameters are set according to the processing requirements, the tool paths are generated, edited and checked, and the NC code is generated by post processing. Finally, the part is manufactured using a 3-axis CNC milling machine with the NC programs. It has desirable shape and high accuracy. The result shows that the NC process is reasonable and efficient. CAD/CAM integration technology is applied successfully in this example. The methodology and technology introduced in this paper can provide valuable reference for processing similar parts, and it is also useful for correlational study.



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Quanjie Gao




J. G. Wan et al., "Study on Numerical Control Machining Technology of Full-Surface Part", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 510, pp. 384-389, 2012

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April 2012




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