Laser Cladding of Titanium Alloys with Ti+Al+C Powders


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Laser surface cladding of Ti6Al4V alloy by Ti+Al+C powders (Titanium and carbon powders with an atomic ratio of 1:1 were mixed with 20-60wt.% aluminum powders) was investigated using CO2 laser. TiC particles were in situ formed mainly during the solidification and sizes of TiC particles were varied according to different contents of aluminum powders in the Ti+Al+C system. The results show that the coating had good metallurgical bonding with substrate when Al content was 20% or 40%. The microhardness of coating is 738HV0.5 which was 2 times as that of the Ti6Al4V alloy approximately. The wear resistance of TiC/Al ceramic layer was approximately 3 times greater than that of the Ti6Al4V substrate. 1



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Quanjie Gao




J. H. Wang et al., "Laser Cladding of Titanium Alloys with Ti+Al+C Powders ", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 510, pp. 738-741, 2012

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April 2012




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