Effects of La-Doping on the Structure and Performance of Copper-Manganese Oxides for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction


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By using copper manganese sulfated and lanthanum nitrate as raw materials, and NaOH as precipitating agent, the copper-manganese-lanthanum mixed oxides were prepared through co-precipitation method. The catalyst samples were characterized by XRD, TPR and TPD, and the catalytic properties on water gas shift (WGS) reaction were studied. The results show that, La doping didn’t change the crystal structure, but the sample crystallinity was deteriorated. Cu-Mn/La-0.5 sample reduction temperature was low and the adsorption quantity of activated CO2 was large, which implied that copper and manganese components have good metal synergic effect, lower temperature activity and thermal stability.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 512-515)

Edited by:

Nanqi Ren, Lam Kin Che, Bo Jin, Renjie Dong and Haiquan Su




R. X. He et al., "Effects of La-Doping on the Structure and Performance of Copper-Manganese Oxides for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 512-515, pp. 2131-2134, 2012

Online since:

May 2012




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