Electrochemical Sensor for Parathion Based on Molecularly Imprinted Sol-Gel Polymer


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A sensitive electrochemical sensor for the detection of parathion based on molecularly imprinted polymer of organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel from PTMOS and chitosan onto glass electrode was constructed. The sensor exhibited good selectivity and sensitivity to parahtion.The procedure of forming recognition cavity and sensitivity to parathion on the imprinted electrode were demonstrated. A highly linear response to parathion in the concentration range of 3×10-7~1×10-4 mol/L was observed, with a detection limit of 1×10-7 mol/L (S/N=3). ParathSuperscript textion imprinted and nonimprinted polymer films were exposed to a series of closely related compounds and the sensor exhibited good selectivity and sensitivity to parathion.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 518-523)

Edited by:

Reza Iranpour, Ji Zhao, Aijie Wang, Fenglin Yang and Xinyong Li




Y. Zhang et al., "Electrochemical Sensor for Parathion Based on Molecularly Imprinted Sol-Gel Polymer", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 518-523, pp. 1383-1386, 2012

Online since:

May 2012




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