CuO Supportd Ce-Ti Mixed Oxides for Low-Temperature SCR of NO with Propene


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CuO/TiO2, CuO/Ti0.9Ce0.1O2 and CuO/CeO2/TiO2 composite catalysts were prepared and tested for their application in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO with C3H6. The effect of CeO2 species on the catalytic performance was further evaluated. Catalyst characterization including BET surface area, XRD and temperature-programmed reduction of H2 (H2-TPR) suggested that the addition of CeO2 species changed the physicochemical properties of the catalysts obtained. Compared to the impregnation method, the homogeneous precipitation method was an effective approach to preparing the CeO2 doped catalyst, which could promote the activation of C3H6 to react with NO.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 518-523)

Edited by:

Reza Iranpour, Ji Zhao, Aijie Wang, Fenglin Yang and Xinyong Li




J. Liu et al., "CuO Supportd Ce-Ti Mixed Oxides for Low-Temperature SCR of NO with Propene", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 518-523, pp. 2456-2459, 2012

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May 2012




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