Study on Surrounding Rock Pre-Stressed Crossed Anchor Control Technology in Roadway with Large Mining Depth


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Based on the deep soft rock creep mechanism, according to the physical characteristics of bauxitic mudstone in ingate at the level of -1015 m of Kong Zhuang colliery, we solved the technical difficult problem of choosing anchor points of soft rock supporting roadway in ingate. Using high strength and low relaxation steel strand to reinforce by crossed anchor, in combination with the depth hole grouting technology, improve pressure-bearing capacity of wall rock in the ingate, safe passage and drainage pipe area. We analyze the stress distribution characteristics of rock mass, contrasting on the stress distribution at the end of partially grouted bolt and the rock mass. Practice shows that crossed anchor rock mass has triaxial compression over all, the bunch body has a single structure, and it is easily to be analyzed. We not only control the roof settling in the area of ingate is, but also solve the floor heave problem in safe passage and drainage pipe area.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 524-527)

Edited by:

Jianguo Wu, Jie Yang, Nobukazu Nakagoshi, Xixi Lu and He Xu




X. G. Zheng et al., "Study on Surrounding Rock Pre-Stressed Crossed Anchor Control Technology in Roadway with Large Mining Depth", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 524-527, pp. 471-475, 2012

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May 2012




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