High Energy, High Efficiency Nd: Glass Regenerative Amplifier


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To obtain high energy, high efficiency Nd: glass preamplifier used in certain host device, a Nd:glass regenerative amplifier system has been designed. By adjusting the single pass gain and carefully optimizing the cavity mode, the small-scale self-focusing effect in the gain medium was effectively controlled. Maximum pulse energy of 21mJ, pulse width of 2.6ns was obtained at the repetition frequency of 1Hz, corresponding to a high optical to optical conversion efficiency of 11% and amplification ratio of 108. The pulse to pulse energy stability was < 2% rms during 2 h continous operation. The laser has a good beam quality of M2=1.5. The spectrum was measured to be at center wavelength of 1052.915nm.



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Kexiang Wei and Yuhang Yang




X.F. Wang et al., "High Energy, High Efficiency Nd: Glass Regenerative Amplifier", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 529, pp. 105-109, 2012

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June 2012




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