Heterodyne Laser Doppler Radar Based on Er-Doped Fiber Laser


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A low-cost, novel and robust heterodyne laser Doppler radar based on Er-doped fiber laser is presented in this paper. Reliable optical fiber components and instruments for the optical communication were used to build this system. All devices of optical circuit are connected by single-mode fibers making the system reliable and setup arrangement flexible. Spectrum estimation methods based on an efficient digital signal processing technique, fast Fourier transformation (FFT), was utilized to determine the location of the peak. Experiments were performed on a moving hard target with this developed prototype. The results are presented: the minimum velocity can be measured is below 0.5mm/s, and the resultant nonlinear of the measured curve calculated by least square method is below 100 ppm.



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Kexiang Wei and Yuhang Yang




Z. F. Ma "Heterodyne Laser Doppler Radar Based on Er-Doped Fiber Laser", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 529, pp. 139-143, 2012

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June 2012





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