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Authors: Pai Shan Pa
Abstract:This study using ultrasonic energy transmitted into the electrolyte to assist in discharging of electrolytic product out of the machining...
Authors: Sheng Qiang Yang, Wen Hui Li, Shi Chun Yang
Abstract:Two-phase compulsive circulation flows finishing is put forward mainly for hole surface. By theoretic analysis, flows field characteristics...
Authors: Wen Hui Li, Shi Chun Yang, Sheng Qiang Yang, H.L. Chen
Abstract:At present, crankshafts are finished mostly by abrasive cloth and manual steel brush, which is not ideal on finishing quality, efficiency...
Authors: Gui Bing Pang, Xieeryazidan Adayi, Ning Ma, Wen Ji Xu, Jin Jin Zhou
Abstract:From the viewpoint of the change of the anodic surface microtopography in the process of Electrochemical Finishing (ECF), this paper studies...
Authors: Hua Ji, Zhi Yong Li
Abstract:The mechanism of electrochemical finishing machining (ECFM) process was investigated. Some vital procedure parameters involving in ECFM...
Authors: Jian Ming Zhan, Zhi Qiang Cao, Ming Ming Wu, Jian Bo Zhang
Abstract:Hard-brittle materials can be polished by hydrodynamic suspension, which is based on the theory of sound eradiating. Owing to the high-speed...
Authors: Chang He Li, Shi Chao Xiu, Yu Cheng Ding, Guang Qi Cai
Abstract:The integration manufacturing technology is a kind of compound precision finishing process that combined grinding with abrasive jet...
Authors: C.H. Song, Shi Chun Yang, J.M. Wang, Y.Q. Zhang
Abstract:According to the motion features of abrasive particles and workpieces in centrifugal roller, considering the abrasive particles and...
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