Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering

Volumes 53-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Hong Li, Shi Chun Yang

Abstract: A new finishing technology of the swirling air flow compounded with magnetic-field is advanced. Force acting on abrasive is analyzed by the...

Authors: Shao Hui Yin, Yu Wang, Takeo Shinmura, Yong Jian Zhu, Feng Jun Chen

Abstract: This paper proposed a viewpoint to explain why vibration assistance may increase material removal rate (MRR) in vibration-assisted magnetic...

Authors: H.L. Chen, Shi Chun Yang, Jian Mei Wang, Wen Hui Li, G.Y. Xiong

Abstract: To internal magnetic abrasive particles surface finishing, the motion of magnetic abrasive particles was influenced not only by the...

Authors: Wen Jun Deng, C. Li, Wei Xia, X.Z. Wei

Abstract: A coupled thermo-mechanical model of plane-strain orthogonal metal cutting including burr formation is presented using the commercial...

Authors: Hai Jun Qu, Gui Cheng Wang, Yun Ming Zhu, Qin Xi Shen

Abstract: The two-side burr is one of the important factors that influence the edge quality and performance of precision parts. The two...

Authors: Lu Lu Jing, Qing Long An, Ming Chen

Abstract: Due to the properties such as high strength and high toughness, burr was commonly produced in the machining of stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti,...

Authors: Yun Ming Zhu, Gui Cheng Wang, Qin Xi Shen, Hai Jun Qu, Hong Jie Pei

Abstract: In most machining operations undersirable burr or negative burr is created at workpiece edges. The burr/negative burr formation mechanism...

Authors: Juan Zhang

Abstract: Numerical simulation of the blanking process of a sheet metal, i.e. the formation of roll-over and a burnished surface, and crack...

Authors: Qin Xi Shen, Gui Cheng Wang, Yun Ming Zhu, Hai Jun Qu

Abstract: The metal cutting burr is one of the factors that influence the edge quality and performance of precision parts.A finite element model has...

Authors: Ze Wei Yuan, Zhu Ji Jin, B.X. Dong, Ren Ke Kang

Abstract: Although various diamond polishing techniques have been studied for many years, no individual method can polish free-standing CVD diamond...


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